The North Dearborn Pantry is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of a Board of Directors (currently 9), a director and approximately 150 volunteers. Patrons of the Pantry are residents of North Dearborn County - Jackson, Kelso, Logan, Harrison, York and Miller Townships.

The Pantry provides food and clothing for adults and children, Social Services counseling, holiday food distribution, "Giving Tree" program at Christmas, Back to School backpacks, help in locating furniture and appliances and a "pampering day" for female patrons.

The all-volunteer organization accomplished the following: In 2011, the pantry distributed 54,766 bags of food, established a consortium of pantries and developed a bulk food program to distribute to the consortium members, expanded food storage capacity through procurement of a walk-in freezer unit, and established a senior outreach program with the local senior community. In 2012, the pantry distributed 57,659 bags of food, developed and started implementing a 3-Year strategic plan, relocated external storage facilities to increase capacity and access, expanded the perishable food storage for the bulk food program which enabled us to obtain new suppliers, and started construction of a website for community outreach. 

In 2017 we completed our on site warehouse to increase our own storage capacity and allow us to better store and efficiently distribute food to other area panties. This could not have been accomplished without the support of the Dearborn Community Foundation.

Prior to 2005, Ann and Leroy Jeffries operated the Pantry out of their home on North Dearborn Rd. This was a personal Christ centered mission as well as a function of being a Township Trustee.

By 2005, the Pantry had outgrown the Jeffries' home and an affiliation of local churches took over operations and the Pantry was moved into it's present home.

A Board was formed in 2006 to explore incorporation, which was achieved in March of 2007. The newly formed North Dearborn Pantry, Inc. purchased the building in November of 2007.